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DICOM Structured Reporting

by Dr. David A. Clunie.

1st Edition. Oct 2000. ISBN 0-9701369-0-0. 394 pages softcover. RRP $59.95.

A comprehensive review of the features and implementation of the DICOM Structured Reporting extension to the DICOM Standard.

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is the ubiquitous standard in the radiology and cardiology imaging industry for the exchange and management of images and image related information. DICOM is also used in other image related medical fields, such as pathology, endoscopy, dentistry, ophthalmology and dermatology.

This book endeavors to explain the principles behind DICOM SR, including how to create, encode and render structured reports. It includes basic material to help understand the DICOM standard itself, since Structured Reporting will be of relevance to many who are not already familiar with DICOM. Extensive examples of potential applications are provided, together with details of their encoding, to augment the somewhat sterile and concise descriptions in the standard itself.

About the author: David Clunie is a radiologist, medical informaticist, and DICOM open source software author, the editor of the DICOM standard, and co-chair of the IHE Radiology Technical Committee. He was formerly the industry co-chairman of the DICOM Committee, as well as being a member or chairman of several of the DICOM working groups, including structured reporting, digital x-ray, compression, interchange media, base standard, display, mammography and clinical trials.

He is currently an independent consultant, was formerly the CTO of CoreLab Partners (formerly RadPharm), and prior to that was Medical Imaging Products Director of Development at ComView Corporation, Director of Medical Imaging Technology at Quintiles Intelligent Imaging and before that, Lead Designer for DICOM Standardization at GE Medical Systems.

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